Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Super Luxurious Steam Shower Room YLM-210

Super Luxurious Steam Shower Room YLM-210

* Rated Voltage: 110-220V (Custom), 5mm Fully Tempered Glass. Grey Colored Shower Room With Classic Ocean Blue Glass.
* Size 900*900mm, Over All Height Upto 2200mm

Quadrant Shower Tray, Colored Grey, Low Profile, Anti Slip Textures tray
Popup Drain Included Drain
Chromed Handles, Built In Stainless Steel 304. Drain
Touch Controlling Panle, LED Display. panel
Dual Wheel Runners, Extra Smooth Running Mechanism. Wheel Runners
Foot Massae, The Pleasure From Head To Toe. massage
Roof With Shower Head, Ventilation Fan, Loud Speaker And Light Pre-Installed. ROOF
* 4-Way Water Diverter Controlling:
I. Roof Shower
II. Handheld Shower
III. Foot Massage
IV Back Massage Jets
* Computer Functions:
A. Background Lights
B. Roof Lights
C. Ventilation Fan
D. Hands Free Phone
E. FM Radio
* Warranty: 5 Years

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