Sunday, November 27, 2016

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

High Pressure aluminum built Shower Head

High Pressure aluminum built Shower Head  

High Pressure aluminum built Shower Head---A perfec thing for your bathrooms, shower rooms or steam showers!


Product Details:
*Material: Aluminum Oxide, Plate: Stainless Steel 304
*Colors: Red/Yellow/Blue/Alumnium, Custom Colors Accepted
*Net Weight: 356g
*Function: High Pressure Acupuncture, Saving Water By Upto 50%
*Handheld Shower Head
*Working Pressure: Under 2.5MPa
*Connection Hose: British Standard 1/2"
*Packing: Bubble Warp/Cardboard Box
*Warranty: Lifetime

Full Function Shower Room with Whirlpool Bathtub ST-8808 By Hangzhou Casa Baths N' Showers

Full Function Shower Room with Whirlpool Bathtub ST-8808

IFully Details~!

Full Function Shower Room with Whirlpool Bathtub ST-8808

Bathtub Step 

For easy acess into the bathtub.
Enhanced strength with framing built underneath and multiple layers of  fiberglass.

Bathtub Step close up.--anti slip textures

Bathtub--whirlpol bathtub coupled with steam generator. 

Built In Seats* two, now sit back and set your imagination free.

 Seats Closeup

Foot Massage-acupuncture massage of foot.

As it is designed to be, it's pure pleasure from head to toe.

Tempered Glass Panel--

With lights/ control pad/ dial knob/switch built on. 

Whirlpool Jets-  Built in Plastic  and finished in bright chrome.
It's to a lower cost point,  and optional  solid brass jets for higher quality.

Whirlpool Jets Close UP

Plastic door handles in bright chrome. 

Optional Solid brass Handles/Stainless Steel Handles upon request. 

Back Wall Construction left

Back Wall Construction right

 Body Sprayer Jets

Now the roof, with light/ loud speaker/ventilation fan/and rain shower head.